Miscellaneous Updates (16 Feb)

                                          Miscellaneous Updates


Craigsbank Ramblers - Next walk 24th February 2018

Our next walk is a lovely interesting 3 hour walk along the coast and through farmland. We will meet at West Wemyss Harbour for a 10.30 start. Boots required and walking poles recommended.

Please let Christine (334 0096) or Penny (539 1652) know if you intend to join us.


Kirk Session

The next meeting of the Kirk Session takes place on Tuesday 20 February in Craigsbank at 7.30pm.  This is an open meeting, and all are welcome to attend.  This is the meeting when the elders as Trustees will discuss and approve the annual report and accounts.



The meeting of Network is Monday evening – 19 February -- at 7.30 pm in the Chancel Hall and takes the form of a talk on the River Almond by Richard Adlington.


World Day of Prayer

Friday 2nd March World Day of Prayer, short service in The Cedars, 1 Manse Road at 10.30am led by Craigsbank and joint Corstorphine Churches service in St Ninian’s Church at 2.30pm, all welcome.


East Craigs Fellowship

All members of the congregation will be most welcome to join us on Thursday 22nd February at 2.30pm in East Craigs Church Centre when we are going to be entertained by the Second Row Singers. This will be a most enjoyable occasion and it will be nice to give them a good welcome.


Christian Aid - The Gathering

Come and celebrate the work of Christian Aid and its partners and learn how they are transforming lives by standing up to climate change, overcome inequality and tackle injustice.  Hear from Sally Foster-Fulton, Head of Christian Aid Scotland, and discover new ways to support Christian Aid’s work.  Edinburgh Augustine United Church – Wednesday 28th February 2018 – 10.45am to 3pm


Eco Tip

Try to find alternatives for Cling Film which is a single-use plastic product and cannot be recycled. Cover dishes in the fridge or microwave with a plate or saucer or a reusable cover such as a silicone lid. Kitchen roll can also be used to cover food in the microwave.



Please contact the minister if you would like a chat with him about any aspect of church life, be it a Baptism, a Wedding, a funeral, if you or someone you know would appreciate a visit, or if you want to find out what membership of the church means.



email address box with more options circled

There are occasions when emails are distributed among a number of people which reveal all recipients email addresses in the ‘To…’ box.  As part of our Data Protection Policy the church seeks to discourage this.  Sometimes we have all done this by error, but some people may be unfamiliar with the way to make ‘blind copies’(Bcc) in order that addresses are not revealed to other recipients of the email.   We should all try and use the Bcc option when sending out emails to a group of people on church or associated items.  If you put the email addresses into the Bcc (blind copying) option, then they are not visible to the other people receiving the email. The Bcc option is below the Cc option and you can make it appear by clicking 'More options' (see illustrations above).  If you would like clarity on this then please ask either of the Session Clerks.

Note: If normally you are sending them only to a large group of people as "To......."  then simply put your own email in the "To...." box (or leave it blank) and everybody else's in the "Bcc ...." box. 

How do I send to "Undisclosed Recipients"?

In the To......... space type   "Undisclosed recipients" followed by your email address in

<              >

eg if somebody called Jim Bloggs is doing this and his email is jimbloggs@gmail.com

To : "Undisclosed recipients"



Thanks to those members of the congregation who have emailed information about changes needed to be made on the website. If you have not had a chance to look please could you check the information on the website is still relevant for your team or activity. It is used constantly by members of the public who wish to find out about all aspects of our church and its activities. Any suggestions would also be welcome about anything that might be added to the website. For example we now have a Hall Lets Contact Form for both East Craigs and Craigsbank and this was added last week at someone's helpful suggestion.   Contact Christine Karacaoglu (Email: website.editor@craigsbankchurch.org.uk)


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