Who's Who

                                        Who's Who?


The minister left at the end of June 2018 and a locum minister will start in Sept 2018.    






               Children and Families Worker:

                      Lesley Lawrie

                       01506 795421

                      Mobile: 07846875519 
            Email: lesleylawrie@craigsbankchurch.org.uk

                             Joint Session Clerk:

                                  Margaret Adair
                 Email: sessionclerk@ craigsbankchurch.org.uk


                            Joint Session Clerk:


                               Elaine Thompson
                 Email: sessionclerk@craigsbankchurch.org.uk


To find out more about the responsibilities of the Session Clerks,
scroll down the
Structure and Leadership page and read under Administration



                                     Website editor:


                                      Christine Karaca

                                      Email: christinekaraca@craigsbankchurch.org.uk