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Miscellaneous Updates (16 Sept)

                                          Miscellaneous Updates




Sunday 24th September will be our Harvest Thanksgiving and will be a JOINT SERVICE in Craigsbank at 11am. There will be no service in East Craigs that day.


This year we will be giving our harvest gifts to the Edinburgh charity Fresh Start whose volunteers will add them to the Starter Packs which help people who have been homeless make a new home for themselves.  If you would like to donate on Harvest Sunday then here are some suggestions from Fresh Start of items that are very much

appreciated at the moment.


Tinned meat & tinned fish - Tinned soup, potatoes, & vegetables - Packets of mashed potato

Tea & Coffee - Long-life milk - Biscuits, cereal & porridge - Rice, pasta, & pasta sauce.


Washing up liquid - Bathroom cleaner - Toilet cleaner - Polish

Cleaning sponges & J-cloths - Laundry cleaning tablets - Bulbs – bayonet fitting

Remember you can also bring your ‘Jars of Grace’ containing change you may have been saving up.   



Wednesday 27th September 7.30pm at Craigsbank Church. Discussion led by Olga Bloemen from Nourish Scotland. Locally sourced harvest supper from 6.15pm. Book through anneicurrie@yahoo.co.uk by Saturday 23rd September.



Saturday 7th October in Craigsbank Church.   Tickets will be available on Sunday 24 September and 1st October.  Proceeds to Richmond’s Hope (for bereaved children) and The Care Van.



McMillan Cancer Support. Thursday 21 September, 2017  -  10am  -  12noon. The Mid Yoken Lounge, East Craigs.  £1 Entry Fee Includes Free Raffle.  Bake a Cake – or donate a Tombola prize – or justs come along and support this event.  Come and join us  -  Everyone is welcome


THE BULLETIN: Now in Colour

The Autumn edition of our church magazine, The Bulletin, is available now for delivery.  If you don’t get one delivered then please pick one up at the door of either church centre.  If you feel you would benefit from a Large Print version then PLEASE let someone know, be it Margot Brown, Christine Karacaoglu, the Minister, or someone.  We do want feedback on this.



We are planning another trip to the theatre in November and the reason for this early advice is that we have had interest shown for us to see The Steamie. This is a popular show and tickets apparently are selling quickly.  We plan to go on Thursday 9th November and we require to have numbers by 18th September.  If you are interested in going please contact Christine Laurie (334 0096) or Penny Greig (539 1652).



New Season begins on Wednesday 13th September.  Soup, sandwiches, tea, biscuits and conversation every second Wednesday at 12.30pm in Craigsbank Church Hall.  Lovely to see you so come along.


KIRK SESSION MEETING  19 September 2017

The next meeting of the Kirk Session takes place on Tuesday 19 September in Craigsbank at 7.30pm.  This is an open meeting and all are welcome to attend. 



New session begins on Thursday 21st September.  2.30-4pm.  Speakers, Singers, Music, Entertainment, and always tea, biscuits and chat.  You are most welcome to pop in.



Sunday 24th September will be our Harvest Thanksgiving and will be a JOINT SERVICE in Craigsbank at 11am. There will be no service in East Craigs that day.



A new season has begun and we now meet from 7.15 – 8 every Thursday evening.  Come and join us if you would just like to sing.  If you can play an instrument then bring it along.  Have a word with Moya our musician if you would like to find out more.  moya.boonzaaier@gmail.com


Starting Dates of our activities:

East Craigs Fellowship  Thurs 21 Sept 

Network    Mon 2nd October

Lunch Club  Wed 13th September


The opening times for Craigsbank are

Saturday 23 September 10 am - 4pm

Sunday 24 September 1 pm - 3pm

Following our successful participation in 2016 we are pleased to be taking part in DOORS OPEN DAY 2017  this time in combination with a unique musical attraction on Saturday 23 Sept: 11am - 3pm

The form of our Sanctuary is a wonderful space for music and in recognition of this Katrina Burton, the composer, has selected our interior as one of the spaces for an original bespoke music composition.  As a composer Katrina’s music is very much inspired by an interest in the visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography and architecture. Her interest in music and architecture has resulted in two commissions by the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House Chicago event.

This piece of music will be performed at 10/15 minute intervals while the public visit the building. Two of Katrina’s colleagues will also be in attendance, creating in situ 3D printed models of the church for the public to take away, a little memento of the day.

Guides will be required over the weekend and if you are interested please contact John Baker or

 Email : office@craigsbankchurch.org.uk


FRESH START Summer 2017

The current newsletter can be picked up  from the Church doors.  Please take one.


Wednesday 27th September 7.30pm at Craigsbank Church. Discussion led by Olga Bloemen from Nourish Scotland on the connections between food insecurity, climate change, public health, biodiversity, worker’s rights, animal welfare, access to land and waste. The day before this talk the Good Food Nation Bill is launched for consultation. Food matters to us all so we will consider what we can contribute on food, in our communities and churches. Locally sourced harvest supper from 6.15pm. Book through anneicurrie@yahoo.co.uk by Saturday 23rd September.


Please contact the minister if you would like a chat with him about any aspect of church life, be it a Baptism, a Wedding, a funeral, if you or someone you know would appreciate a visit, or if you want to find out what membership of the church means.



Eco-Congregation Scotland have received our application for a 3rd Award. They will now arrange for us to be assessed. We have also been informed that there are new awards to replace the current award scheme. These new awards were launched on 1 August and there are three levels - Bronze, Silver or Gold.
You can read about these on the Eco-Congregation website.

Eco-Congregation have advised us that we should put in an application for one of these new awards along with the application we already have in for a 3rd award.





email address box with more options circled

There are occasions when emails are distributed among a number of people which reveal all recipients email addresses in the ‘To…’ box.  As part of our Data Protection Policy the church seeks to discourage this.  Sometimes we have all done this by error, but some people may be unfamiliar with the way to make ‘blind copies’(Bcc) in order that addresses are not revealed to other recipients of the email.   We should all try and use the Bcc option when sending out emails to a group of people on church or associated items.  If you put the email addresses into the Bcc (blind copying) option, then they are not visible to the other people receiving the email. The Bcc option is below the Cc option and you can make it appear by clicking 'More options' (see illustrations above).  If you would like clarity on this then please ask either of the Session Clerks.

Note: If normally you are sending them only to a large group of people as "To......."  then simply put your own email in the "To...." box (or leave it blank) and everybody else's in the "Bcc ...." box. 

How do I send to "Undisclosed Recipients"?

In the To......... space type   "Undisclosed recipients" followed by your email address in

<              >

eg if somebody called Jim Bloggs is doing this and his email is jimbloggs@gmail.com

To : "Undisclosed recipients"



Thanks to those members of the congregation who have emailed information about changes needed to be made on the website. If you have not had a chance to look please could you check the information on the website is still relevant for your team or activity. It is used constantly by members of the public who wish to find out about all aspects of our church and its activities. Any suggestions would also be welcome about anything that might be added to the website. For example we now have a Hall Lets Contact Form for both East Craigs and Craigsbank and this was added last week at someone's helpful suggestion.   Contact Christine Karacaoglu (Email: website.editor@craigsbankchurch.org.uk)