Feedback from World Day of Prayer



Craigsbank led a short service at Drumbrae Care Home on Thursday 3 March.

This was a shortened form of the service held all over the world on 4 March.

Craigsbank joined with other local churches and took part in the service at

St Thomas' Church on Glasgow Road.

Our Order of Service gave some background to Cuba. The one shown is the Care

Home cover.

The Order of Service for the main service had a prayer and painting on its cover.

The service was interactive with the congregation responding throughout to readings

from a variety of women. There were several hymns including "For the beauty of the

earth", "All over the world the Spirit is moving", "Lord, you have come to the

seashore" (see below) and ended with "The day you gave us, Lord, has ended" which

has a particularly appropriate 3rd verse:

            As o'er each continent and island
            the dawn leads on another day,
            the voice of prayer is never silent,

            nor dies the song of praise away.


Prayers were interspersed throughout including the Lords Prayer

which was said after the Prayer of Commitment:

"We will speak kindly and be a forgiving community

We will accept every human being as unique and of worth to God

We will keep hope in a future of justice and peace

We will receive children in order that they may dream, laugh, dance and love without discrimination

We will commit ourselves in the name of the One who taught us to pray the
Lord’s Prayer"

The back page of the Order of Service gives some background to the World Day

of Prayer Movement:

An important part of both the Care Home and the St Thomas' service was that

we had a chance to chat to other people over tea and biscuits.