Tom Gordon - Sermon and Books

                                    Sunday Worship 19 July




Tom Gordon lead us in a very entertaining and thought-provoking service

this Sunday at East Craigs Church Centre and you can download his sermon

and find out about the books he has written.


The Sermon - "A big arm around your shoulders"



                        You can download the sermon here.



The last part of the sermon was taken from one of the books Tom has

written, "With an Open Eye."  You can read the extract from this book 

by clicking here.  (It is included in the sermon above but there is an

extra prayer.)


You can find out about this book and the other books Tom has written

by clicking on the icon for each book.

       " New Journeys Now Begin" is on Bereavement issues.


 Three books of contemporary parables following the three-year cycle of the Church

Lectionary :

   Year A

   "Welcoming each Wonder."


Year B

   "With an Open Eye"


Year C

   "A Blessing to Follow"


 Tom's new book, with a short reflection for every day of the year:

      "Look Well to this Day"