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We are an Eco-congregation and the Eco-team is lead by Anne Currie.

          Contact: Anne Currie




Food Waste Bin
When re-cycling food waste it is no longer necessary to use a special
bio-degradable bag. An empty bread wrapper or similar plastic bag
may be used.




Home Energy Scotland are offering a free check to achieve lower energy
bills, tailored to your own home telling you how to be more energy efficient
and make savings.  You can do it on line: SErenewables@ se.homeenergys or telephone: 0808 808 2282.  A prize of £250 is on offer to spend
at Evans Cycles if you complete the check before the end of February.





Bottle Tops.  Saving your plastic bottle tops.  They get chopped up into
tiny balls and then made into fibre-optic cable covers.  Profits are currently
  going to Palliative Care at the Oncology Unit, Borders General Hospital.


          There is a box at the back of the church where you can drop in your
          used plastic milk-bottled tops.
          Please wash them first.




Reuse large dartboard sheets in the garden as a weed-suppressing mulch.
Ideally it with compost.

Cardboard is great for compost  heaps, worms love it! You can line your

compost heaps with it or rip it up and put it in layers with wet green

material like grass cuttings.




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Bottle Tops