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                                 NEW ECO BANNER

               Background and Winners



The ECO team is hoping to encourage members of the congregation and

organisations to take part in a competition to design a ‘banner’ for display

on our premises.   Designs should be on an A4 sheet in such form that the

finished detail can be stitched or appliqued on material measuring approx.

90 cms x 120 cms in either portrait or landscape form.


The subject should be covered by our care of God’s Creation, taking account

of our carbon foot print by way of unnecessary use of power and water, use

of Fairtrade Products.


When completed the design should be handed to one of the following by

29 February 2016 :   Anne Currie, Liz Brash, Julie Wilkinson, Pat Ridland, Anne

Currie, Alan Kennedy.


                                                                                                                                                         Rankine Photography

Some of the Eco team with Stepping Stones receiving the Eco-baton last year


To give you an idea of what is required you may be aware that we already have
in the sanctuary two wall hangings.

This was made by the Sunday School (Signpost) over 30 years ago.
Veronica McCulloch, a current member of the congregation who was involved

at the time gives us some background:

"This was when we changed from being a "Sunday School" to "Signpost". Signpost

was started in 1983/1984 . The tapestry was worked by me with some of the

youngsters lending a hand from time to time, but I did most of the sewing.  I got the

children to give some thought as to what we could include on the design and it

just mushroomed from there.  From these drawings I worked out size and design

of the overall finished work.  It was worked on for over a year.

The framing was done professionally and George Grubb the minister at that time got

every thing organised regarding the framing on behalf of "Signpost".

You can read more about Signpost from an old 1984 article.


This tapestry also hangs in the Sanctuary and was made even earlier than the 

Signpost one. It shows the different organisations.

The two pictures below give a close up of the detail in the tapestry above.


Results of Eco-Banner competition