Eco-Tips 2018 (13 March)

Eco -Tips  2018

Each week we will add one helpful eco-tip to the list:

1.  Wash clothes at 30°   90% of a washing machine’s energy expenditure is spent on heating the water, so wash at 30°C to save a substantial amount of energy. 


2. Hang up your laundry rather than tumble dry. 



3. If you do occasionaly use a tumble drier take clothes out before they are completely    dry -  they'll iron much quicker and you'll use less energy. 


You can find the first three and more energy saving tips on


4. Recycle your old glasses by donating them to Vision Aid Overseas. Many of us have several pairs lying somewhere forgotten in a drawer. You can hand them in to Specsavers or Vision Express in Corstorphine or Boots in the Gyle and they will pass them on to this worthwhile charity.  


5Try to avoid using Cling Film which is a single-use plastic product which cannot be recycled and is bad for the environment. Cover dishes in the fridge with alternatives such as a plate or saucer or a cover such as a silicone lid. For the microwave you can use a plate, saucer, kitchen roll or a reusable microwave cover.


6. When you need to buy new food storage containers  glass or stainless steel ones are far more eco- friendly than plastic ones as they can be recycled.


7. Turn off equipment at the wall. Don't just leave on standby or in energy-saving mode, as this still gobbles up electricity.


8. As Easter approaches, consider buying Fairtrade Easter eggs.  Also, avoid Easter eggs with lots of excess packaging that just creates waste. You can buy online at Traidcraft

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