Together We Pray


This launch video of the Together We Pray initiative  is set in the beautiful gardens around Duddingston kirk. The Eco-group Edinburgh network recently visited the Glebe project here and also admired the peace, tranquility and beauty of the surroundings. Well worth a visit if you have not been recently. 

Together We Pray is a national prayer initiative, running from September 2017 to May 2018, calling the Church to come together in prayer.  This year, the General Assembly asked the Church to focus on praying for God to renew us and particularly to pray as we think about priorities for the future.  

 The call to prayer grew out of last year's On the Road initiative when meetings were held around the country to listen to the hopes and concerns of church members and to explore the challenges of ministry and discipleship in the 21st century.

 Throughout the year, we will support your efforts through preparing prayer resources (that will be available online over the course of the initiative) and highlighting opportunities to pray for the future work of the Church.  In particular, there will be a National Day of Prayer on November 25 in which we hope you will want to be involved. We encourage you to meet on this day in a small group, as a congregation or even as a Presbytery.

 Alongside the National Day of Prayer, look out for the brand new How we Pray series, On the Road events, the Prayer Diary, Advent and more throughout the year. Find out more at


Eco- group Edinburgh network visited Duddingston in June


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