What happened at Autumn Space?

 Autumn Space 3 Sept  - A First Sunday event



As we entered East Craigs Church Centre we sat around in a semicircle and watched images of autumn while listening to music from Moya and Jessica. There was something very beautiful about Psalm 23 (S Towend version) when played on the flute by Jessica and accompanied by Moya on the piano. Even though we had sung it in the morning it now seemed even more moving as an instrumental piece particularly involving the flute. Moya and Jessica also played  I just want to praise you something the Singers have previously performed.

During this short reflective service we listened to readings and sang hymns. At one point we listened to a video -  Eve Cassidy – Autumn Leaves - while  being given the option to write our own personal prayer on a paper leaf which had been left on our seat and then we could put this leaf beside the candles on the floor.

We sang the hymns sitting down which helped to keep the calm reflective atmosphere. These were

              Bless the Lord (Taizé song)
              CH4 755 Be still and know
              CH4 727 In the bulb there is a flower
              CH4 222 Night has fallen


The readings opened with Ode to Autumn by Keats and included Harvest Moment and A Sea Change. We also heard some verses from Psalm 104.


This special quiet, reflective service lasted about 45 minutes after which we left the hall silently.

This service was one in a series of First Sunday Events.

What are the benefits of First Sunday Services?

  • Firstly it is good to be able to experience a different style of worship.
  • Secondly fewer people attend. This is a benefit because it gives people a chance to get to know people they might rarely or never have spoken to. It also gives people the confidence to contribute more.
  • They give others in the congregation a chance to contribute more than merely "doing the readings" as happens on a Sunday. Led by the worship team others, apart from the minister, can design and implement innovative worship events such as Cafe Church, Film nights and reflective services. 

Our Next First Sunday event is in October when we have a Film Night on 1 October. We hope you can join us.


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