Other Responsibilites

There are many other responsibilities undertaken by teams and individuals such as ...

Care Van                        Contact: Christine Laurie & team

Lunch Club                     Contact: Margot Brown

Prayer Circle                    Contact: Anna Robertson

Network                           Contact: Linda McAndrew

Safeguarding                    Penny Greig

Communion elder EC        Carol Turnbull

Communion elder CB        John Baker

Cradle Roll (Baptisms)       Catriona Inglis

Boys Brigade                    Contact: Sandy Turnbull

Cleaning: East Craigs          Linda McAndrew

Cleaning: Craigsbank           Julie Rennie


Corstorphine Churches Together (CCT)

Our minister meets monthly with the minister of St Ninian’s, and Alistair Keil, minister of
St Andrew’s Clermiston, for collegial support and planning, while every second month the clergy
from all the denominations of Corstorphine meet together.  While seeking to create a more co-ordinated
church presence in the area we also hold a joint service on Good Friday and usually one other as well
as share a stall at The Fair.



Edinburgh Presbytery meets monthly and is made up the minister and an elder from all parish churches
from Portobello to South Queensferry.   Our Presbytery elder is Carol Turnbull who gives regular reports
to the Session. 
It discusses many issues about church life including a number of technical or legal questions.  It is not always
exciting but sometimes is very interesting. 

Link Elder to Organisations

The Kirk Session nominates one person who seeks to visit each organisation in the church’s life and
reports back each year on how it is doing.   We intend this to be supportive as well as informative.

Charitable Giving

We plan and support the work of Christian Aid (Christian Aid Team), Fresh Start (Jim Douglas), The
Food Bank (Barbara Sangster), as well as other charities including our support for the hospital at Chogoria
in Kenya, and the annual Scottish Poppy Appeal.  We have volunteers with the Corstorphine Dementia
Project while two of our members serve on its Board of Directors. We also raise money for many other
charities on a regular basis through coffee donations and special appeals.


If you feel that you have gifts which could contribute to an aspect of congregational life then please chat to your District Elder/District Visitor, the minister, or a Contact Person.   


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