Under the authority of the Kirk Session a number of teams and
individuals deal with various aspects of our congregational life. Here is a
note of our current teams and their members.

Role of Minister in Teams:
The Unitary Constitution states that The Kirk Session should consider
appointing the Minister to be a member of appropriate Teams and should
treat the Minister as a corresponding member of all Teams. The minister
presently attends a few in particular, attended the initial set-up of some, and
Teams feel free to invite him where his input would be appreciated for specific


Role of Contact Person:
Each team has a contact person who arranges dates of meetings, ensures
communication of information within the group and reports to the Kirk Session.


Adult Education 
: to identify and organise appropriate opportunities for growing in faith
e.g., First Sunday events, Conferences, Speakers, Film Nights. This group often works together with the Worship team.
Members: Jean Mowle, Alison McKay


Children & Families
: to resource the inclusion and nurture of children and families in
congregational life, worship and Christian education
 Members: Jackie Rankine, Lesley Fraser, Alison McKay, 
                 (+ Stepping Stones leaders)

Christian Aid
Purpose: to raise awareness of issues, plan and implement fund-raising activities
such as door to door collections
Members: Mike Brough, Jean Henderson, Ann Brough, Pat Hardie

Purpose: to raise awareness of issues, identify ways of developing Green
and Fairtrade elements of congregational life
Members: Anne Currie, Liz Brash, Pat Ridland, Julie Wilkinson, Alan Kennedy, Esther Davidson  

Purpose: to look after the finances, Gift Aid, budget and plan.
Members: Mike Brough, Susan Ross, Alan Kennedy, Gilbert Currie
Treasurer : Alan Kennedy


Learning Disabilities

Purpose:  Liaise within the local community raising awareness and being a link to the opportunities the Church and its activities can offer. Try to make church its communication and activities held within its premises more accessible to people with Learning Disabilities. Members: Carol Turnbull, Catriona Inglis and Stuart Ridland

Pastoral Care
Purpose:  to identify ways of resourcing and developing our pastoral care strategy.
Members: Marion Cockburn, Carol Turnbull, Jaquie Smith, Penny Greig
& Elaine Thompson

Contact Carol Turnbull: Email:

Purpose: Care for the church property through inspection, and maintenance plan. 
The property Team also kindly tend the gardens at both centres.
Members: Margot Brown (Acting Hall Lets at Craigsbank), Sandy Turnbull (Hall Lets at East Craigs), Ian Adair (Sound System), Jim Douglas (Fire Alarm at Craigsbank), Robert Henderson
(Electrician), Donald Clark

Purpose:  to organise and implement stewardship strategy.
Members : Mike Brough, Susan Ross, Aileen Kells

  to reflect on worship experiences, identify developments, plan and
assist in worship events especially alternative ones eg, Cafe Church
Members: Anna Robertson, Alison McKay, Ros Morrison, Judith Fieldhouse,
Elaine Hovey, Lesley Lawrie