A Brief History of Craigsbank with photos

                       A Brief History of Craigsbank Church


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                                 Corstorphine in the 1920s 


Corstorphine was a growing village and, in 1933, the Church Extension Committee

feued a piece of land from Corstorphine Bank Farm on which to build a hall/church

and create a new parish.  Rev Graham Little was the first minister. The hall in which

the January services are now held was the original sanctuary. Various changes

occurred with the hall/s over the years.



You can see the foundation stone (1937) above the old door.




By 1962, the congregation was approaching the 1000 mark and plans for a new

church were approved and work began in 1963. 


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                            Model of the proposed building



 In February 1964 the foundation stone was laid by the Moderator of the General

Assembly.  Almost two years later, in 1966,  this lovely white building with a flat roof

and a moat with water in it, was ready to be dedicated.


                               Laying the Foundation Stone



                             Laying the Foundation Stone


                     The Foundation stone is near the end of the ramp.


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© The Scotsman Publications Ltd. Licensor www.scran.ac.uk


                                        Opening Ceremony 1966


                   Architect's impression of the sanctuary 



So in 2016 Craigsbank Sanctuary will be 50 years old although the rest of the church

is of course older. 


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