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views of Craigsbank: Tom Parnell


              The new parish of Corstorphine Craigsbank was established by the Church
            of Scotland in 1937 as  the “village” of Corstorphine expanded and moved west
            towards the Maybury.
            A hall-church was established in the midst of the fast new growing housing estates.
            Due to the war, the second phase of the building was halted, and it wasn’t until the
            early 1960’s that the decision was taken to establish the sanctuary – the formal


                                                           Interior of Craigsbank: Tom Parnell


                 The lack of ground space on the site led to an imaginative use of digging
               down and building up by the architect Mr W Kinninmonth of Rowand, Anderson,
               Kininmonth & Paul. The inspiration for the interior of the church was that of
               “The Church on the Hillside – the Covenanting Conventicle” with the
               congregation on the sides of the hollow and the preacher below at the centre
               of the gathering. The contemporary design was modern and minimalist with no
               ornate woodwork, glass or trappings.



                                    A 17th C conventicle  © National Museums Scotland  www.scran.ac.uk





             In the interior there were no visible windows, but the Social Centre asked

            that the stained glass window which they had given for the chancel hall,

            be transferred to the church.  The church has this one window only.


                                          The Exterior of Craigsbank Church



                             Craigsbank Church including its Halls has been recognised
                         by Historic Scotland a “A building of special architectural
                        and historic interes and listed Category A”
November 2002

                            It is regarded as:
                            A striking, innovative and unique later 20th century
                            design…...its enclosed form and sunken nave inspired
                            by the conventicle church and hillside hollows used by the
                            Covenanters in the 17th century.

                               Read more in  the Historic Scotland Website:


                                                     Craigsbank Church from the air


                                                      image from google earth  

                                          The design seen from above represents welcoming
                                    arms. It symbolises the church welcoming and
                                    embracing people.



                         The flat roof in particular along with the Scottish weather has resulted in
                           ongoing repair over the years, so a decision was made to renovate the
                           whole building. The congregation engaged LDN architects to oversee
                           the major renovations which began in 2006. This included a new roof,
                           exterior harling, windows, internal improvements and other features.
                           Funding of over £600 000was raised through a major effort the congregation                                    along with grants from Historic Scotland and the Heritage Lottery Fund.


                                          Craigsbank Church: Tom Parnell





                                                               East Craigs Church Centre

                    The East Craigs Church Centre was opened at Bughtlin Market in
                  1984 to serve the needs of a growing community and is continually in
                   use by church and community groups.