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 IN GENERAL                                               

Ministers of the Church of Scotland are authorised to perform marriages.
The Church does not regard marriage as a sacrament and ministers are
free to marry people who are not members of the Church of Scotland.
However, if neither the bride nor groom is a member of the Church, the
first approach should be to minister of the parish in which one or other
of them resides. In places where parish boundaries are not obvious,
the local presbytery clerk should be able to advise.

In certain circumstances the Church of Scotland permits the re-marriage
of divorced people in church. Our guide to marriage includes some frequently
asked questions about getting married in the Church of Scotland

This excerpt is taken from the Church of Scotland website

You can download the guide to marriage.




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You may be considering a church wedding and wonder if our minister could
marry you and your partner at Craigsbank Church. There may be other questions
you are unsure about. Such questions/concerns may include:

  • Do I need to have hymns?
  • Can I have some non-Bible readings?
  • I have not been baptised as a baby. Does that matter?
  • My partner does not believe in God/is of a different faith. Does that matter?
  • How long is the service?
  • Can the minister marry us in a hotel or other building?

Our minister is used to such concerns and you should contact him and arrange a
chat so that he can reasure you and answer these and any other questions you
might have.

Good Luck with the Wedding!


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