The Easter Play in Princes Street Gardens

Edinburgh’s Easter Play is a treasured event, much admired the world over. Do mark the date in the your diary.

This year, Easter Saturday will fall in March. The play will be performed in Princes Street Gardens West at 2pm on Saturday 30th March 2024.
As always, the show is free of charge. 

Colin Hattersley Photography

How can I get involved?

The Easter Play takes place every year thanks to the effort of a dedicated team of volunteers involved in all aspects of the production. It takes over 100 volunteers to make it happen. We would love to welcome more people from local communities – EVERYONE is welcome! 

Cast: Our rehearsals take place on a Wednesday night from 7 pm to 9 pm. No experience is required, just enthusiasm and commitment. Whilst all the speaking parts are cast, we always welcome new members to be part of the non-speaking roles. The more the merrier! 

Stewards: We rely on a team of incredible volunteers to steward on the day. We do this in shifts so we need a lot of stewards! We are also looking for those who can help wheelchair users and deaf audience members to enjoy the play in a more accessible manner. 

Costume: We need help on the day to get the cast costumed and checked.

Contact us on if you can help with any of the above

Donate to the Easter Play

Your donations are always gratefully received, especially this year as costs continue to rise. The annual budget for the play is £25,000 and to date £12,000 has been raised, so there’s still a bit to go! 

Donate here – Cutting Edge Theatre | Stewardship, marking your donation for the Easter Play. 

The organisers of the play have been very blessed over the years to have been supported by a number of Christian Trusts and Foundations. Sadly a number of them have indicated that this will be the last year that they can support the play, so we are in danger of losing this play from 2025 onwards. If you have a company, have a fundraising idea or can make a substantial donation, then please do contact the team to discuss. 

£10 could go towards the cost of costumes
£25 could support our access provision project
£50 could contribute to the hire of technical equipment
£100+ could help us meet the costs of hiring a professional actor in the role of Jesus

Please spread the word or donate