A visit to East Craigs Fellowship 3 Nov

                                              A visit to East Craigs Fellowship 3 Nov


East Craigs Fellowship is a fortnightly club run by the church and usually consists of a guest speaker giving a talk for half an hour followed by some socialising over tea and biscuits. You don't need to belong to the church, you don't need to belong to East Craigs Fellowship - all you need to do is go along to any talks/events which interest you. There is a voluntary contribution of a pound per visit. The talks range from 'Edinburgh Zoo - Beyond the Panda' to 'Lotions and Potions 200 years ago' . The final meetings before Christmas and Easter consist of a Festive Tea.

You can look at the programme here

3 November 2016  Life as a Paramedic  - Neil Proven


Pat Hardie is president of East Craigs Fellowship and she introduced Neil to us. Neil gave a very entertaining talk for the next half hour stopping at times to let the audience ask questions or make observations. In the talk we learned:

  • that as soon as you lift the phone and dial 999 the ambulance knows where to find you if you are calling from a landline. So even if you can't speak your call will have been noticed.
  • people have an irrational fear of calling out an ambulance at the weekend and often, unwisely, leave heart attack warning signs they may have been experiencing till Monday morning before they might consider calling an ambulance.
  •  paramedics ride in cars and motorcycles and deal with things before the ambulance comes. Motorcycles are helpful for the busy streets of Edinburgh.
  • Scottish paramedics go to different countries to share their expertise. Neil had been to various countries including Egypt and Switzerland.
  • It's important to do something if you suspect a person is having a heart attack. He had recently attended a sad incident where a man had died and been surrounded by four older children who had just watched in panic. Current guidelines suggest you put your hands on the middle of the chest and keep pressing up and down. Easy to remember and there is often enough oxygen in the body for this to be enough until the ambulance comes.
  • Recent stats show that 22% of people with a heart attack have been saved. This is an improvement on a few years ago due to modern technology.