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               Moya Boonzaaier joined us at the end of March 2015.


Here Moya tells us about her background:

"I have been playing piano since childhood and was always encouraged to do

so by my parents and music teachers. I started playing the church organ at

age 15 and studied to become a music teacher and organist (B Mus Ed). I

inherited a violin and started lessons in my thirties and successfully sat a

number of music exams to further my performing abilities.


Although playing the violin is currently  a form of relaxation I thoroughly enjoy

playing in ensembles. Singing in choirs is something I have enjoyed since my

earliest school days. In later years as a music teacher I was constantly involved

with choirs and often accompanied school choirs.


Leading worship has always been an important part of my life and I am blessed

to have found this opportunity at Craigsbank Church to share my abilities with

the musicians, singers and rest of the congregation. Sharing through music

is inspirational to me. I absolutely love it when a good hymn or worship song is

sung with true spirit! The Big Sing has proved to be such an occassion and it was

wonderful to be part of the uplifting spirit that was shared amoung fellow



(Note:I teach piano and am hoping to expand my music school (currently home based).

 Anyone interested in learning to play the piano, recorder or keyboard can contact

me on email at






Why not take this opportunity to come along and join in with the Singers? You

do not have to be able to read music, just enjoy singing - relatively tunefully

would help! Perhaps you used to come and got out of the habit. Perhaps you

have never been and have sometimes wondered.

Come as you are able.

Practice is most Thursday evenings between 7pm - 8 pm and is at Craigsbank church during term time.


Contact Moya or simply turn up.