The Big Sing - Review & Collection update

                    The Big Sing - Review & Collection update





The Big Sing received both a beautiful evening and a large and enthusiastic

audience. It was organised by Moya, our church musician, along with the

Worship Team. The combined Singers from Craigsbank and East Craigs were

there along with various musicians playing a variety of instruments. It was also a

chance to use our new clavinova.


The minister combined the role of musician with that of host. He gave

interesting and detailed background about each piece . For example we learned

about the controversy over some of the lyrics in "In Christ Alone." (You can read

Keith Getty's side of the story here.

The audience joined in enthusiatically with old favourites such as "What a Friend

we have in Jesus" and "Wide,Wide as the Ocean" even moving apart so that they

could do the hand movements in this latter. Often the Singers sang part of a hymn

and the audience joined in with the rest. We even sang "Jerusalem" - well , not really,

we sang a hymn to the tune of "Jerusalem." 


The Edinburgh Police Choir came near the end and were the cherry on the cake

of an excellent sing-song. They had a wonderful version of "Hallelujah" and then

 their light-hearted mix of classical pieces kept us all mesmerised and amused!

They also sang another great medley called  "Old Man Blue Moon River."


Everybody joined in the Grand Finale - "Thine be the Glory". The minister closed

with a Blessing. It had seemed a very short hour of songs and music (...and a poem

and a dialogue as you can see from the programme) . Everyone was already looking

forward to their being another Big Sing!


                                       new clavinova at Craigsbank



£297.42 was donated at The Big Sing for the Red Cross refugees appeal.