Theatre Group


In September 2017 we started a theatre group and so far we have seen four shows which were all totally different. In September we went to the Kings Theatre to see the Kite Runner which was a very thought provoking play and in November we were again at the Kings to see The Steamie which was very funny. In January we went to the Usher Hall for the Strauss Gala - a lovely start to the new year and then in March we saw Footloose performed by the Bohemians. This was a lovely happy musical with an excellent cast.

As you can see we try to go to a mix of shows to suit a variety of tastes.
We have had a good response to this new group with between ten and twenty people joining us at the various shows. Altogether we have had over thirty people joining us so please let us know if you are interested in any of the shows.

We usually meet in the bar of the theatre about 40 minutes before the show for anyone who wishes meet up early for a drink and chat. 

We are delighted to hear from all who are interested and you can find information about any upcoming events in the Intimations.