Stepping Stones

                                STEPPING STONES 


Craigsbank Stepping Stones at 11.30am
Pre-school to primary 7 



Lesley Lawrie, Children and Families Worker:

What happens at Craigsbank Stepping Stones?


Mhairi McKirdy is one of the Stepping Stones leaders at Craigsbank and here she tells us about what goes on at Stepping Stones. You can also see some pictures which she has taken.

Each week the children leave the church service for age related activities. After listening to the hymns, prayers, and the all age talk, the children run through the corridor to the hall to see what the leaders have ready for them that day in Sunday School.

The first thing we usually do is sit in our little circle on the mats and share any exciting news from the past week or the week to come e.g. birthday parties or fun trips. If one of the children has a birthday in the following week, we have a cake with candles for them to have a mini celebration!

During the circle time, the leader in charge will explain the activities we have in store for the coming half an hour and listen to the youngsters to see if they have any games they would love to play at the end. If there are any new children we would go round the circle saying our names and maybe something we enjoy doing.  The circle time is important as it includes everyone and each person is listened to. 

Next, it is time for the activities! During the festive period for example we were busy with lots of arts, crafts and games based on everyone working together. We all made a paper chain by writing each of our names on bits of papers then joining them into a long chain to show that we are stronger together. The children also enjoyed working in teams of two or three to build the highest tower. It was a bit tricky as each youngster had their own view about what the towers should look like but they all enjoyed working together. 







East Craigs Stepping Stones at 9.45 am
Pre-school to Primary 7
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