Eco banners in Craigsbank and East Craigs Church Centre


We are an eco-congregation and have awards for this. Our focus is on three main areas:

  • Spiritual Living - Making the link between environmental issues and the Christian faith.
  • Practical Living - Taking practical action in the church and in the home to reduce our environmental impact.    
  • Global Living - Influencing attitudes to take action in the local or global community on issues like climate change.

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Volunteers always welcome.
Contact: Anne Currie


Activities in 2018 have included

 Community Litter Pick in May

Arriving back after splitting up and clearing the neighbourhood of litter.

The Litter Pick worked out successfully even although on this occasion the group of volunteers relied more on help from East Craigs  Primary School than from Edinburgh Council as they failed to deliver the promised implements for picking up the litter. East Crigs Primary provided litter picks.

Community Coffee Morning 

The Community Coffee morning was held  on 16 June at East Craigs Church Centre.    The Group were hosts to our MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton and former Councillor John Barrett and the Chair person of Friends of Cammo who all joined in discussion with representatives of our Church Organisations  and others.    Publicity and information leaflets were on display for other Organisations working within our Church Parish e.g. The Food Bank, the Corstorphine Dementia Project etc.  Unfortunately it had been hoped to attract more folks from the community but those who did attend enjoyed being able to raise matters of concern with our representative in Parliament.

Edinburgh Rocks Group 

The Eco Group had joined the Edinburgh Rocks Group on Facebook and folks were invited to paint rocks with personal designs and those have subsequently been "hidden" in Craigie Farm, Cammo Estate, Fauldburn Park and en route for Craigmount High School.    The object of the exercise is that folks finding the stones will photograph each and report the find on Edinburgh rocks (Scotland) page on Facebook and then rehide the stone in some other place.

Alex Cole-Hamilton joins in with the rock painting at the Community Coffee morning.


Eco Tips
Eco tips are published in the website and Intimations each week.

Continued involvement with The Good Food Nations Bill

On 27 Sept  2017  Craigsbank Church hosted an event for Edinburgh Network of EcoCongregation Scotland. Olga Bleomen of Nutrition Scotland spoke on The Good Food Nation Bill.  The event started with a harvest supper.

Since then the group has followed the progress of a Good Food Nations Bill and on 13th September 2018 were pleased to report that Parliament had passed a motion requesting the Scottish Government to bring forward a Good Food Nation Bill, which has the right to food at its heart, joins-up all aspects of food policy, and includes targets for areas of policy which impact on food. And this should happen within the next 12 months.

So what next? The Scottish Government will now be preparing a public consultation and will continue the dialogue with the Scottish Parliament to develop the draft Good Food Nation Bill. The Eco Group will continue its involvement with this.