Eco- Activities

You can see more photos of the activities of the Eco-Team in our Facebook albums.

These activities include:

Litter picking in East Craigs on Saturday 12th December



A visit to the Recycling Depot

Harvest Thanksgiving led by Rev David Coleman


Assisting with the making of a bug house for each church centre at Messy Church in the autumn.


Planting Allium bulbs with Edinburgh Council in the autumn


Allium bulbs in the spring



Litter Pick of East Craigs area


Litter Pick of East Craigs area


Participating in Climate Change Event to Holyrood


Attended Scottish Fairtrade Forum


Faitrade stall at East Craigs Co-op 

This was our day at the Co-op after we had Val join us - we even managed to introduce each other to customers known to one or other of our Group  The staff were vey understanding and seemed to enjoy the banter.     We shared cake and choc with the staff in the other outlets in Bughtlin Market!  A happy time was had by all. 


Eath Hour candle in the window