Kirk Session Minutes Nov 2019


Kirk Session Meeting


Wednesday 20 November 2019.  The Kirk Session met at Craigsbank Church at 7.30pm.  The new Minister and Moderator Rev Alan Childs welcomed everyone.  The meeting was constituted with a prayer and a bible reading of Acts 2: Verses 40-47.  Attendance: The attendance was recorded in the Sederunt book.  Present were: The Moderator, Rev Alan Childs; Lesley Lawrie - Children & Families Worker; 23 Elders, 4 District Visitors and 1 member of the congregation.  Apologies were received from 6 Elders and 3 District Visitors.

The minutes of the Kirk Session meetings held on 27 August 2019 and 22 September 2019, having been previously circulated, were approved.

Intimation from Presbytery:  It is hereby intimated that on the thirtieth day of October 2019 the Presbytery of Edinburgh did induct the Rev Alan Childs as the minister of the parish of Corstorphine Craigsbank.

1.0  Matters Arising:  1.1  Doors Open Day:  John Baker reported that although there were fewer visitors, those that came stayed longer.  John received a video of drone footage of Craigsbank accompanied by the original cello piece composed in 2017 by Katrina Burton.  John also thanked the volunteers who helped out on the day.  John Baker is to check out the copyright issues and logistics of sharing it with the Kirk Session and Website. 1.2  Care Van Fundraiser:  Christine Laurie said that tickets for the congregational fundraiser (Family Tartan Meal), to be held on Saturday 25 January in aid of the homeless shelter at Cunningham House, will be available at both centres on 1 December.  The Kirk Session approved that the tickets would refer to a suggested donation of £15 but that attendance was not dependent on making a donation.  It was agreed that those attending can bring their own alcoholic drinks. 1.3  Charitable Donations:  The Finance Team circulated a paper prior to the meeting and the Session approved its recommendations.  From 1 January 2020 the provision of teas and coffees after church services will form part of the congregation’s normal Sunday activities with no payment expected.  The Tea Teams have a list of charities covering each quarter until the end of 2021.  Thereafter the Session will liaise with the Tea Team to determine the subsequent future beneficiaries (from 2022 onwards) in line with the proposed principles during the spring of 2020.  The name of the charity will be shown in the Order of Service and beside the collection plate.  Donations will be paid into the congregational bank account along with the Sunday service collection money.  The proposed changes will enable the church to claim under the Gift Small Donations Scheme. 1.4  Church Administrator:  Jean will meet Gemma for a final assessment in December and then hand over responsibility of line management of Gemma to Alan Childs.  Gemma’s main duties have thus far been limited to doing the weekly PowerPoint and preparing the Orders of Service.  As she has passed her probationary period, Gemma will now take on additional responsibilities, as stated in her original job description, such as keeping the database up to date with accurate information, taking hall bookings and updating the website if required.  Jean highlighted that thought needs to be given to who will cover for Gemma’s holidays.  If you know of anyone with the skills to prepare/

prepare Orders of Service and PowerPoint presentations, please contact the Session Clerks.  Gemma still has four days holiday left to take this year and Jean proposed that she rather be paid out for this and that next year her leave entitlement would be managed more pro-actively.  The Property Team is to look at providing security related safeguards to protect Gemma, and other staff or volunteers, who often work alone.

2.0  Kirk Session:  2.1 Worship: The Worship Team has lapsed.  Alan Childs said that we should use winter and spring to decide what teams should be allowed to remain dormant and what should be revived.  There is a rota of relief church musicians lasting up till the end of January.  Alan Childs would like to get to know the congregation before having a new musician appointed.  2.2  Dates of Kirk Session Meetings:  The Dates for the Meetings until June 2020 were agreed – 28 January 2020 is the date of the next meeting when use is to be made of a projector and screen to display papers distributed prior to the meeting to save bulk printing of papers.  The Session Clerks will send out an amended list of meeting dates to the Session2.3  Christmas Services/Leaflet:  Following discussion it was decided that the services over the Christmas period would be similar to last year with a Bereavement service on 1 December at East Craigs at 3pm; Gift Service on 8 December; Christian Aid lunch at Craigsbank on 15 December after church; Lessons and Carols on 22 December; Christingle Service on 24 December at 18.30pm; Watchnight service at 11.30pm at Craigsbank (mulled wine from 11pm); Christmas Day Communion at East Craigs at 10am; Joint service on 29 December at East Craigs at 10.30am.  A leaflet will be prepared giving the times of the services and will be distributed to the various groups and after school clubs using the halls.  Alan Childs will contact Jan Rutherford.  Ann Brough offered to help Anna organise the mulled wine at the Watchnight service.  2.4  Children & Families Worker:  Having previously circulated her report, Lesley said that she is continuing to make strong relationships with East Craigs School and with her toddler group the Imagination Tree.  The next Messy Church will be held in Craigsbank because it has outgrown East Craigs Church Centre. It will be held on Saturday 14 December and will incorporate the Stepping Stones Christmas party and a wee service in the Sanctuary to which members of the congregation will be invited.  There will be no nativity during the service on Sunday 15 December due to dwindling numbers of children in Stepping Stones.  The East Craigs school Christmas service will be held on 18 December at 9.45am and Lesley asked for some volunteers to assist as stewardsA retiring collection will be taken and given to the school to go towards the cost of the P7 residential visit to Lagganlia.  Lesley will confirm this with the school. 2.5  Attestation of Records: A reminder was given to those who submit their records for Attestation that this will be required to be done in early March.  This item is to remain on the Agenda for the next meeting in January.  2.6  Retiring Collection Christingle/Watchnight:  The Moira Anderson Foundation, set up by church member Sandra Brown, will be 20 years old in 2020 and it was decided that it should receive the retiring collections.  2.7  World Day of Prayer:  The Session approved Anna Robertson’s request to host the World Day of Prayer service on Friday 6 March 2020 at 2.30pm in Craigsbank.  This is an event in which all local churches participate/

participate and it is the turn of Craigsbank to host it. 2.8  Well Equipped Spaces in the Right Places:  The General Assembly in 2018 encouraged the General Trustees to develop an Asset Plan for the Church of Scotland’s estate.  The church owns a vast amount of property, not necessarily in the right places any more, which requires maintenance and it is intended that a more efficient way of looking after property be established.   A Consultation paper was prepared and meetings were set up in various places.  John Baker and Anna Robertson attended the Edinburgh event.  The plan is to be developed and the findings of the consultation and recommendations will be brought to the General Assembly in 2020.  2.9  The Sound System:  Alan Childs is experimenting with microphones and the loop system to find out which works best and asked for feedback on the quality of the sound.  Alan is to contact the Audio Consultant appointed by 121 to look at the current system and find out if the sound can be improved.  2.10  Church Surveys:  Alan Childs intends to carry out a few surveys of the congregation.  He wants to find out what is working and what is not.  He is keen to get feedback on the congregation from the congregation themselves.  Any comments on this please speak to Alan Childs.

3.0  Presbytery News:  3.1  Report of Presbytery Meeting: Carol prepared a comprehensive report of the Presbytery meeting held on 5 November.  She urged Session members to read the report as there are a lot changes going on including how to connect with people in the new housing communities.  This is relevant because the planned West Craigs/Cammo housing development is within our parish.

4.0:  Teams:  4.1:  Finance:  In the absence of the Treasurer, Mike Brough Finance Convener gave the Report.  The Treasurer had previously circulated two papers – Income, Expenditure & Summary Accounts and Budget for 2020.  The income for 2020 is expected to be 7% less than the projected figure for 2019 due to Presbytery covering the salary of Lesley Lawrie until 1 October 2020.  There will be a deficit of £18,000 by the end of 2020.  There is a sum in the budget for new electrical equipment should this be required.  The Session approved the budget and also an increase of 2.5% in the After School Clubs hall rent from August 2020.  The Session approved the reappointment of Whitelaw Walls as Independent Examiners.  The Session gratefully approved the continuation of Alan Kennedy as Treasurer and Gilbert Currie as Gift Aid Convener.  4.2  Property:  Apart from the routine planned maintenance the main item was the painting of the manse.  Alan Childs thanked the Property Team for the excellent condition of the manse.  The team are continuing to write the protocols for everyday tasks around the church.  Alan Childs asked if we could illuminate the tower and paint the Celtic cross.  It was confirmed that the tower will be lit during advent.  Alan will discuss the cross with the Property Team.  4.3  Pastoral Care:  The Team meet regularly and support those who visit people in need of extra visiting.  If there is anyone requiring extra visits please contact Carol Turnbull or Elaine Thompson. 4.4  Eco Congregation:  The chaplain to the Eco Congregation, Rev David Coleman, would like to hold another event in the church and Anne Currie will keep us informed of what form this might take.  4.5  Communications Team:  This Team has become dormant.  It is essential to have a strong Communications Team within the church.  Alan Childs is to set up a meeting.

5.0  Roll/

5.0  Roll:  There has been one death since the last meeting: John MacColl – 8.9.19.  Jean Philip has moved to the West of Scotland and has transferred her lines.  Helen Alexander, Jean Robinson and Morna Duncan no longer live at the addresses we hold for them and their names will be removed from the role.  The roll now stands at 387.

6.0  Safeguarding:  Penny Greig reported that Liz Brash, Esther Davidson and Sandra Gibson have completed their PVG forms so that they can help with Messy Church.  Confirmation of PVG membership for all three has been received.  Alan Childs and Liz Brash attended Safeguarding Training on 3 October 2019.  Alan Childs submitted his PVG paperwork twice to the Safeguarding Office but the second time the updated version was not received.  Alan had various conversations with the Presbytery Clerk and a meeting at 121 George Street with the Safeguarding Office to sort it out.

7.0  Correspondence:  A letter of resignation was received from the Church Musician, Moya Boonzaaier, who is moving to Aberdeenshire with her husband who has been called as minister of Findochty and Portknockie. 

8.0  AOCB:  There was no AOCB. 


Date of next meeting: Tuesday 28 January 2020 at Craigsbank at 7.30pm.


Thanks were given by the Interim Moderator to everyone for all that they do.  The meeting was closed with the saying of the grace together.


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