Reports from Link Person to Organisations 2018/19


Reports from Link Person to Organisations 2019/20


Craigsbank Stepping Stones:- Paul Spencer

The average number of Children in attendance remains at approx 2 to 4 per week with some new faces visiting on occasions, which is great to see. The format for all the Children who do attend, young and older ones together in the large hall is still working very well, using the Roots on-line educational material when appropriate.  The new Minister Alan Childs is continuing with an All age talk and a bible reading for the children during the Craigsbank Church service, which the leaders feel is a good format for the children prior to the Stepping Stones lesson, craft and games in the large hall. 

Over the last year or so, the Stepping Stones Leaders and helper's commitments have meant that they sometimes struggle with maintaining a required supervised rota. However, Simone Hislop, whose son Jeff is a regular attender of Stepping Stones has helped out on a number of occasions which is very much appreciated by the leaders. They continue to seek additional helpers but so far without success.

If you are reading this and feel you could help out on occasions on a Sunday morning then please contact any of the Leaders or indeed the Family and Children worker, Lesley Lawrie. In the meantime, myself and the other leaders think Lesley and her able assistants are doing a fabulous job keeping the children connected with church and hopefully reaching one or two new families with their weekly On-line Craigie’s Kids Corner, which can be found on the Craigsbank Website.  It is definitely worth a look with Lesley’s Story Time and Scott’s Craft Corner just a few of the items available. 

All the Leaders and helpers give as much as they can on a Sunday morning and in my opinion are doing a splendid job, as the few children that do attend, enjoy coming to Stepping Stones.  Thank you everyone.


East Craigs Stepping Stones:  Carol Turnbull

Attendance over the last year has remained at one child and one toddler coming when they are able and being joined occasional by children who are visiting grandparents. Children are welcomed into the congregation with their contribution to the service appreciated. Children remain in the Sunday service until after the “All age Talk” when generally they will then go home. Catriona continues as the leader, for which she is thanked. I have been unable to make a visit as they no longer meet following the children’s section of morning worship but have liaised with Catriona. Sundays have so many other attractions for children and families.


Craigsbank Singers: Christine Laurie

The singers have has a very good year since last report lead by Moyà and now John. Numbers have increased over the last year and now the singers sing each Sunday at both East Craigs and Craigsbank. Most of them manage to attend both services and this is very encouraging as we as a congregation enjoy the variety of music they sing. This virus has been challenging but the singers are now singing remotely at home and sending to John who mixes it all together and is used on a Sunday for the service. Well done singers and John for everything you are doing at this challenging time. 


Network Report: Alison Mackay

Network was enjoying an excellent session when Covid ended the meetings of the organisation and they were unable to hold their A.G.M. and end of term meal out at Turnhouse. They are hoping to be able to start up in October after guidance.

They have had a great array of speakers and it was difficult to pick out just the highlights so I will name several – an antique valuation and history of the company, Maggie’s Centre, A history of Cramond, Kennedy Assassination, Christmas Crafts, The Yard, Faberge eggs, Scottish night, Good 2 Give charity, and George Anderson from Beechgrove garden on his travels in Chile.

Membership is still good and all events well attended. We thank the planning team for producing such a great year and look forward to next session.


East Craigs Fellowship:  Margaret Adair

The Fellowship has continued to offer friendship, tea, coffee, biscuits and most importantly a time of fellowship on alternate Thursday afternoons at East Craigs Church Centre. Julie Wilkinson and her team have been committed to keeping the Fellowship operational but unfortunately due to Covid-19 has ceased to meet since the beginning of March.


Lunch Club: Viv Kelly

Unfortunately I didn't manage to visit the lunch club this year before the lockdown however I kept in touch with Margot throughout the year and she confirmed that the lunch club was continuing to be very successful and well supported. People enjoyed this opportunity of meeting up with friends and looked forward to it every two weeks. Apart from the sociable side of it a very tasty lunch was provided by a group of competent volunteers. Everyone was full of praise for the delicious home made soup, sandwiches and cake. The success of the lunch club was entirely due to the major effort of the enthusiastic volunteers who organised, prepared and served such a delicious lunch to a group of about 30 people. Sadly we have lost some regular members over the past year and they will be greatly missed. Hopefully when things get back to normal in the not too distant future the lunch club will be up and running again.


East Craigs  Playgroup: Marion Cockburn

Up until ‘lock down’ the playgroup had a successful year. The children enjoyed making a Christmas picture and raised funds by going on a ‘bear hunt’ and holding a teddy bears picnic. There were up to 20 children attending each session but only if all the leaders were there as they must maintain a ratio of leaders to children.

At present, as with all organisations, they are waiting to hear what the regulations will be when they can re-start which will be August when the schools return at the earliest.  There have been several enquiries for a place.

The leaders are holding a meeting soon to try to work out how they will cope with ‘distancing’ with young children.  As a member of Early Years Scotland there should be detailed guidance they will have to follow. 


Toddler Group at Craigsbank: Penny Greig

My visit to the Mother & Toddlers was very pleasant. There was a lovely atmosphere  with plenty to occupy the children. All the Parents and Grandparents appreciate Lesley’s hard work and are delighted with the friendship and facilities.It is a very popular group with 25 to 30 children attending.


Parent and Toddlers East Craigs: Anna Robertson

Both the Tuesday and Thursday groups continue to be well attended and provide safe play for the children and a meeting place for the adults to socialise and make friends.


Craigsbank Rainbows & Brownies, East Craigs Tuesday Rainbows & Brownies:  Julie Wilkinson

Before Session Meeting on 28th January I managed to visit East Craigs Rainbows and Brownies and Craigsbank Rainbows and Brownies. I found all the groups busy and full, with adequate leaders and young leaders. Though both Rainbow Groups have just the correct number of leaders should anyone be off they know that I am happy to fulfill my role of "Aunty Rainbow". But I am delighted to report no shortage of young girls wishing to attend the groups.


East Craigs Friday Rainbows & Brownies: Catriona Inglis

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Catriona was unable to visit.  She will visit once the restrictions lift. 


East Craigs Guides: Paul Spencer

The East Craigs Girl Guide group remains a very active (as you will see below) and a very popular organisation.  The two leaders, Lynda and Andrea continue to meet up with the girls on Friday nights with activities either within the Church halls or out in the community.  Since my last report they have been very busy with an array of activities as long as my hand so I will just list a few of these.

  • A Roller Disco.
  • Learning Cheerleading ( I would imagine with great determination).
  • Learning about Recycling (very useful to know).
  • Training to be hairdressers ( A skill I sincerely hope has been put to good use over the lockdown - assuming they were allowed to).
  • Making up healthy smoothies and fruit kebabs.
  • A BBQ outside the hall at East Craigs Church which unfortunately wasn’t the ideal weather for, but they went ahead and had fun anyway - which doesn’t surprise me knowing just how determined this group are.
  • They also made up little gift bags for residents in a care home and took them along to hand out.
  • A Christmas night out at Volcano Falls at Fountain park ( well deserved).
  • A themed night entitled “A Century of Decades” where they had games from each decade from 1920 through to 2020.

Unfortunately they have been unable to meet up again since mid-March ( as we all know) but I am convinced everyone of this group of girls will have used this very unusual down time to learn more skills and maintain their very close relationships with each other via social media.  I look forward to meeting up with all of them again.


26th Craigalmond (Craigsbank) Scout Group: Jean Mowle

I visited the Scout Group this year as they celebrated their 80th birthday with current members and many members, both leaders and young people, from the past. Unfortunately, the programme for the night had to be changed due to the early restrictions placed on us all by the Coronavirus.

All sections Beavers, Cubs and Scouts had been putting together information on their own ‘life-story’ together with their thoughts on what the world might look like in 2040 including a possible form of transport. The information was collected and sealed in a box for future group members to see when celebrating the group’s 100th anniversary in 2040. It is hoped to reunite present members with their envelopes in 2040 – I wonder how many of the current young people will  still be involved in Scouting wherever they are,  I hope it will be many, given the rewarding experience Scouting can be to all ages.  A Group photo is to be displayed in the corridor at Craigsbank so look out for it.

All sections continue to meet with relatively healthy numbers: Beavers – currently 14 and with a waiting list in place, Cubs – 21 and Scouts 11. Cubs and Scouts also have enough leaders; however the Beavers continue to run with the Beaver leader, Group Scout Leader and parental support. Ideally two leaders are needed to support the Beaver section and allow it to continue. The group continues to have good parental support.  

If you are interested in helping with the group or know of anyone who may be then please contact the Group Scout Leader to find out more.


16th Craigalmond Scout Group (East Craigs): Ian Ridland

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Ian Ridland was unable to visit – Jackie Gibson, Scout Leader, provided this information.

All sections continue to thrive with Beavers and Cubs operating at maximum capacity and a long waiting list to join the group.  Beaver section held a well-attended sleepover at Vogrie country park and attended the District Magic show. They also enjoyed a visit from the community police. 

Cubs attended two camps prior to lockdown, one at Fordell Firs and another 'Jedi Training camp' at Bonaly. They continue to enjoy an active programme including visits to Cammo and the Edinburgh Gangshow. They also held a German Christmas market in the hall inviting all sections and parents along.

Scout section have had a very successful year with a patrol attending the National camping competition final at Meggernie after winning the district competition and progressing through the zonals. They also held a camp at Lochgoilhead Scout Centre and visits to the mosque on Nicholson Street and the Chinese Lanterns at Edinburgh Zoo.  Our leader situation continues to be healthy. We have had a new Scout leader and assistant Scout leader join us and we will have a new assistant beaver leader starting after lockdown.


Anchor Boy Section of The Boys’ Brigade: Margot Brown

I have visited the Anchor Boys/Junior Section on two occasions. The first visit they were having a music night. I was surprised by the variety of instruments being played by the Boys.  On the second occasion the theme was books, it being World Book Day. The Boys had chosen their favourite book and came dressed as one of the characters. They adopted the name of the character for that evening.  We played a card game based on a book and then the Boys made chocolate lollipops.  Although numbers are still low the Boys attending are enthusiastic and certainly on my two visits were having a great time.


63rd Edinburgh Boys Brigade Junior Section:  Pat Ridland

It was with regret that I had to report to Session over a year ago that the 63rd Boys Brigade Company Section had to close due to the lack of Officers. We had made contact with another two Companies but as their meetings were held on another evening, our boys could not attend there due to other commitments that they already had. This was a sad announcement.