Sunday Services

                    Sunday Worship                          

During the time before the Covid-pandemic we had services in the Craigsbank Church Centre and in the East Craigs Church Centre.

Our service at East Craigs was from 9.30am-10.30am and at Craigsbank from
11.00am -12.00pm. Our service is a 
Church of Scotland  service.

A typical Sunday service consisted of hymns, Bible readings, prayers and a sermon.
However there were often variations because of special services on a Sunday. The format
 of these was slightly different from that of the typical service but in all cases our Order of
Service would guide visitors it. Click on those below to find out more details:

                                - Baptism
                             - Communion
                             - Easter

There are other special services at different times of the year such as Youth
Services, Christmas services, Harvest Festival and Pentecost.               
Calendar will tell you if you are coming on the day of a special service.


                                                                                                    Fieldhouse Photography

                                 A Christmas Service