What is a Christingle Service?

                                          What is a Christingle Service?




You may have noticed from our programme of services that on Christmas Eve

we have a Christingle service at 6pm and you may be wondering what this is.

This service is very popular both with children and with adults some of whom are choosing

to attend it rather than the later Watchnight service. It combines carols and readings

with activities for children so has something for everybody. The first thing you will

notice in the church is a predominance of oranges!


Here is some background:


                                          Picture of a Christingle Orange


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                  The Christingle Service at Craigsbank


Many people, especially children, bring an orange to the service and when

they enter the church are given bits and pieces to decorate the orange with at

the appropriate point in the service. Oranges are also available for anybody who

does not have an orange and wishes one.


The service starts with carols and a "children's time" when the children go

to the front.



 After that it is time to make the Christingles. The children go back to 

their seats to do this.



           Step 1  - the candle goes into the orange



          The minister checks everyone knows what to do.



                  How are this side doing?



                     Then the other decorations are added.



                                    And the finished items are displayed............


          Some of the children come out to the front