Flowers in Church

Flowers in Church

Each week we admire the beautiful displays of flowers that we see at both Craigsbank and East Craigs. Below we answer some questions you may have about them.


Who provides the flowers each week?
The two flower conveners buy the flowers each week usually on the Saturday and then arrange them into the lovely displays we see ready for a Sunday morning.

Who are the flower conveners? 
Craigsbank: Linda McAndrew        
East Craigs: Aileen Kells  (

Does the money come from church funds?
No. There is a special flower fund and members of the congregation can contribute to this by giving money directly to the flower conveners or put it in an envelope marked flower fund and leave it in the offering plate.

There is a list up where people can choose a special Sunday. Why is this?
Some people make a donation to the flower fund specifically to mark an anniversary. They then choose a date meaningful to them.

So what happens on these Sundays?
Basically the same as usual. The flower conveners buy and arrange the flowers as usual. You are luckily not expected to buy the flowers, pay for the flowers or help arrange them.

Do you need to add your name to this list?
No. You can donate to the flower fund without specifying a date. In fact there is more of a trend towards this nowadays.

What happens to the flowers after the service?
After the church service the flowers are taken to someone who is perhaps elderly, sick, bereaved, house bound, or even to celebrate an anniversary or special birthday, or to say Thank You.