Will we recognise WWIII? - Thought for the Week 24 Feb

Will we recognise WWIII?


Is this a third world war simmering away under all our noses whilst we keep an eye on the premier league, the weather and the forever-in-the-making USA presidential election campaign?

Syria has long since stopped being a local civil war. It is unbridled genocide. If destruction of this scale were happening in Europe it would have been acknowledged as an international catastrophic conflict. With so many international arms being pushed by, inter alia, the USA and Russia into the conflict.

According to Save The Children "Hundreds of thousands of children are facing unimaginable horrors as the war in Syria intensifies in Idlib province in north west Syria. Families are desperately trying to escape the fighting in freezing conditions, often sheltering in tents or ruins, with little food and healthcare."

On this day 8 years ago (22 February 2012) a brave woman died sharing the story of the genocide. Speaking truth to power. Thank you Rosamund Pike (as lead actor) for sharing Marie Colvin's story with the world through Netflix's "A private war".

I am not optimistic that warmongering will decrease soon with countries led by leaders with the mentality of a Trump and a Putin, our ever-increasing consumerist fed addiction to oil-based products and our capitalist based pension funds invested heavily in the growth of weapons companies stock values.

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