Corstorphine Dementia Project

                                      Corstorphine Dementia Project



Corstorphine Dementia Project provides Day Care and an Outreach Service for those in the wider Corstorphine area with a diagnosis of dementia.  There is also a social Teatime Club which members and carers attend.  Members of Craigsbank have supported the Project since it was first set up in 1991 with individuals and groups giving financial support which helps give the extras such as outings and Christmas treats.  Individuals have also served and some continue to serve as volunteers and as directors of the Project.


Corstorphine Dementia Project has a new website which you may like to visit to find out more about the project. 




There is a section on the Corstorphine Dementia Project website indicating ways in which you might wish to volunteer. Click here

Members of Craigsbank and East Craigs may also speak to Anna Robertson if they are interested in volunteering (