Letter received from Dr Alison Wilkinson

Many thanks for passing on the donation of £428.92 to Chogoria from Craigsbank and East Craigs Church Centre teas and coffees.  Your continuing support of the work of the hospital is greatly appreciated.  Your gifts of last year joined others that were sent to Chogoria earlier this year, and have been gratefully received.  Catherine Munene, the CEO of the hospital, wrote on 27th March:


“This is to appreciate with gratitude your donation towards the improvement of care in this hospital.  Our topmost priority is the anaesthetic machine. The hospital has currently one functional machine because the second machine broke down and has been condemned.  The hospital is in the process of procuring a new one, and the Hospital Administrative Team has agreed that the donation will go towards paying for this. 


We sincerely appreciate the donations you give from time to time which has rescued some very needy situations.”


Be assured that it makes a difference in Chogoria.


I will be in a better position to give you an update after my visit to Chogoria in July this year.  But I do hear brief details of the new Maternity beds, and the teaching days of surgery with the new laparoscopic surgical equipment, the challenges, and the developments.  I have attached a copy of the most recent Annual Report to give you more details.


With thanks, and best wishes,

Annual Report