Council Proposals for Road Closures on Craigs Road


Craigmount and Craigs Road - Proposed Road Closures by Edinburgh Council


The above is a proposal for blocking roads around North Gyle and Craigmount, under the title of "Covid-19 Cycling and walking Emergency Response Measures". These envisage: 

1) A Bus Gate at the junction of Craigs Road and Maybury Road
2) Blocking access to North Gyle Road at Craigs Road,
3) Blocking access to Craig Gardens at Craigs Road,
4) Blocking access to Craigs Loan at Craigs Road,
5) Blocking access to North Gyle Terrace at Maybury Road, 6) Blocking access to Glasgow Road from Craigs Crescent at Simply Fixit
7) blocking Craigmount Avenue North to the south of Craigmount Way, and various cycle lane and junction changes. The proposals are contained in the above PDF file that is around 8Mb in size and has about 18 separate sheets detailing the changes. 

 Comments on the proposals need to be provided to by noon on Tuesday, 14th July.

These proposals directly affect entry to and exit from Craigsbank Church as some surrounding access roads would be blocked off.