Lesley's Farewell letter to the Congregation

Lesley Lawrie is moving on. The following is her farewell letter .


Dear Church Family at Craigsbank and East Craigs,

The last time I wrote the school holidays were officially beginning, although the children had not been in school or at playgroup and toddlers since March.

I hope you all got the opportunity to enjoy a break of some description to relax and enjoy some family time.

At 11 weeks old we got to meet our newest grandson Charlie as we travelled to Devon and spent a few days with my son Ross and his wife Katie.

It was truly an incredibly special visit where I enjoyed lots of cuddles with Charlie, many beautiful walks pushing the pram, changed lots of nappies, gave him his feeds and enjoyed watching him splashing in his bath  –  which he loves.

I hope the return to school and nursery has been a good experience for all your children and for those who are just starting out, I hope all has gone well.

As summer progressed, I became acutely aware that I had an exceedingly difficult life decision to make and on the 19th of July submitted my resignation letter to Craigsbank parish church.

This was not a decision that I took lightly and although I did not plan on retiring early one of the happiest moments for me has been in letting go of what I cannot change and embracing more time with family and friends and volunteering for a local children’s charity.

After 7 years of being part of a beautiful church family who welcomed me with open arms and where right from the word go I felt I belonged, I await the reopening of churches to find a new church family where no doubt I will find myself volunteering and putting my skills to good use.

Craigsbank will forever remain a special place in my heart. I take with me so many beautiful friendships and memories, not least Alisdair and my wonderful wedding day four years ago.

It has been my absolute joy and privilege to meet so many lovely people and work with all the children at Stepping Stones, Toddler and Imagination Tree groups and the many fun filled Messy Church events we enjoyed together. Also my special relationship with staff and pupils at East Craigs Primary who I will say a separate farewell to in the coming week.

It has been an amazing experience to be a part of the journey to date to watch the children learn and grow and to get to know so many little beautiful human beings.

A heart felt thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who have sent beautiful messages and gifts and for the many coffee and lunch dates that now fill my diary.
My wish for you all is this beautiful Celtic blessing!
May the strength of the wind and the light of the sun
The softness of the rain and the mystery of the moon
Reach and fill you.
May beauties delight you and happiness uplift you
May wonder fulfil you and love surround you
May your step be steady, and your arms be strong
May your heart be peaceful, and your word be true
May you seek to learn, may you learn to live
May you live to love and may you love always

Much love Lesley x