"Where Life is celebrated, Love is affirmed, Grief and Joy are shared."

    This website offers a glimpse into the life of
    Corstorphine Craigsbank Parish Church, Edinburgh,
    where in our two centres at Craigsbank and East Craigs,
    we offer worship, events and organisations for people of all ages.

                      Craigsbank Parish Church          East Craigs Church Centre
                       19 Craigsbank                                        3 Bughtlin Market
                    Edinburgh                                               Edinburgh
                    EH12 8HD                                               EH12 8XP

                       Minister: Rev Alan Childs
                     Email:     achilds@churchofscotland.org.uk
                    Children and Families Worker: Lesley Lawrie
                     Email:   lesleylawrie@craigsbankchurch.org.uk





    A double baptism at Craigsbank on Sunday 1 Dec. 


                           Jessie Tait (right) turned on the Corstorphine Christmas Lights this week.


                             On Sunday 8th December we have our annual Gift service at Craigsbank and at
                             East Craigs Church Centre. We bring unwrapped gifts which are donated to the
                             children of prisoners.

     Craigsbank Parish Church belongs to the Church of Scotland

    Find out more about Church of Scotland 

    Scottish Registered Charity: SC014179


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