• Harvest Thanksgiving Worship Service of 2021-10-24



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    Eco Group Banner

    Eco Group Banner created for New College's project in support of COP26. Pictured is "the rogues gallery" (made up of Anne Currie , Esther Davidson, Liz Brash and Julie Wilkinson) who worked at making Jessica Anderson's initial stones design a larger recycled cloth reality. Depicted is an artistic version of a lone Scots pine.




    Covid-19 Update – IMPORTANT 

    Phased reopening of church buildings for in-person services

    We have been given the green light to go ahead with a phased reopening of our church buildings for in-person worship. To enable a responsibly managed return to our sanctuaries, the Kirk Session has decided that we will continue to have our online services as we have been doing for a year now, as well as in-person worship in our church buildings. The services start at 10.30am: the first and third Sunday of each month at the Craigsbank Church Centre and the second and fourth Sunday of each month at the East Craigs Church Centre.

    Due to the Covid-restrictions, we have a limited number of people that can meet in each venue, so please do book a space in advance via the church office. We are still unfortunately not allowed to sing or socialise at our in-person services just yet. If you have any questions please contact the minister, your elder or our church office.

    Please inform the Church Office at administrator@craigsbankchurch.org.uk  or 0131 334 6365 if you plan to attend an in-person service, as we are still limited to 18 people at East Craigs and 70 at Craigsbank due to the social distancing regulations.

    Check these pages regularly for up-to-date information on when uniformed organisations and regular church group meetings such as the Lunch Club, Fellowship Group, Network, Toddlers, Singers and Bible Studies can resume on our premises.


     Minister: Rev Alan Childs     Email: achilds@churchofscotland.org.uk
                                                               Tel0131 466 5196


    There are some great children's programmes made by the Children's Ministry Team of Craigsbank Church, especially for the young ones. You can view the Craigies Kids Corner videos on our  YouTube channel

     Craigsbank Parish Church is part of the Church of Scotland

    Find out more about the Church of Scotland 

    Scottish Registered Charity: SC014179


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