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Podcasts – audio – COMING SOON

Musical interpretation of the Craigsbank sanctuary

You can listen here to a piece composed by Tree Burton and played on Cello by Joanna Stark, interpreting the building, the sanctuary at Craigsbank and showing drone footage of the exterior.

Interviews COMING SOON (some light-hearted, some more serious) with:

  • Members of the congregation;
  • Knowledgeable experts;
  • Our minister and fellow ministers;
  • Leaders from other faiths;
  • Visitors from other countries.

Those we have lost:

Short appreciations of those close to the church who we have lost:

Donald Clark


  • Prayers;
  • From the Bible;
  • From books.

A Reading from one of our Book group books, Freeing Jesus by Diana Butler Bass


  • Listen to a recording of our church bell – somehow this simple sound grounds you, reassures you, welcomes you.

Video links:

  • Video talk on the triptych; COMING SOON
  • Video talk on the building; COMING SOON
  • Music and song – John Patterson leads the singers;
  • Craigies Kids Corner – children’s content and activity.