What do we Believe?

Craigsbank Parish Church is a part of the larger Church of Scotland family.

We believe and we doubt. We question and we explore. We follow the teachings of Christ through the Church of Scotland. Together we find our way and support each other on the journey that lasts a lifetime.

From time-to-time we run an Alpha course and bible study chats to explore the meaning of the bible in greater detail.

As a church community, Craigsbank follows the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. Our faith, like him, is approachable and relevant. Our love and worship of God changes our outlook, our world, and gives us strength when we have none.

Our church is home to those who have held that belief throughout life, and for those starting out on their faith journey.

We are a centre of equality, love and support and a home to creative energy.

Come and be part of it. ALL are welcome.